Capping Machinery Repairs

Capping Machinery Repairs

Quick and Efficient Emergency Capping Machinery Repairs in Melbourne

A capping machine is a costly addition to your industrial space and a significant factor in completing the packaging process. You undertake the production process, transfer the finished product into containers or bottles and seal the deal with a cap or lid. Without this final step, your beverages, liquid consumables, chemical products or medicines cannot be dispatched for sale. So, if one fine day your capping machinery breaks down or malfunctions, you might have to face several inconveniences and delays. But you don’t have to worry because we are at your service with our emergency capping machinery repairs in Melbourne.
Irrespective of the time of the day, we will be at your disposal and provide top-notch repair services.
Capping machinery involves several components, including rollers, labels, seals, chutes, gripper discs, cylinders, handles, etc. These must work in perfect synchronisation to ensure a flawless capping procedure. In case your capping machinery breaks down, the fault could be with any of these components, and to detect the issue, you will need an expert eye. That’s why DIY is not recommended for capping machine equipment repairs. So, give us a call and leave the task to the experts at Adeptus Engineering. We have over 5 years of experience dealing with capping machinery repairs in Melbourne, so you can trust us to provide cost-effective repair, installation and maintenance services. We are a team of insured, licensed and dedicated professionals who will ensure your access to top-quality services.

Why Choose Us?


We take pride in our work and love an opportunity to solve your problems. We specialise in fault finding and can help rectify unseen issues.


We have more than 5 years experience servicing a wide range of machinery in the food and beverage packaging industry, Adeptus Engineering is equipped to get you and your line up and running.


As an Australian owned and operated business, we can guarantee the highest quality of work to meet Australian Standards. We can ensure your equipment meets all food safety requirements as well as operator safety.


We can improve product quality, increase throughput and prevent downtime.

For High Functioning Units, Trust Our Capping Machinery Maintenance Service

Unsealed bottles, loose caps, or broken seals can damage your company’s reputation. Such discrepancies are the product of malfunctioning capping machinery. While complete breakdowns are evident, minor malfunctions are not easily visible. But they will indeed compromise the quality of your packaging and bring down the value of your product in the market. Regular capping machinery maintenance is required to troubleshoot the issue and ensure a flawless capping procedure. Once installed, capping machinery requires regular maintenance to work at its optimum capacity. Also, maintenance is critical to utilise the full lifespan of your capping machinery. At Adeptus Engineering, we understand this and provide our clients with comprehensive maintenance services.
So, the benefits of capping machinery maintenance services are many, so make sure your avail of them all with our team at Adeptus Engineering.

Serviced Customers:

Unlock Precise Capping Machinery Solutions:

Optima Weightech

Adeptus Engineering is your trusted team for Optima Weightech capping machine repair. With us, you will get 24/7 top-notch repair services, ensuring the high-functioning of your capping machine.


With reliable and ideal solutions, Adeptus Engineering excels at repairing Rentafill Bench top capping machines and Automatic in-line cappers. By inspecting the actual issue, we will troubleshoot and restore its optimum functioning.


With years of experience in offering prompt repair solutions, our Adeptus Engineering technicians are reliable in repairing Omnipack capping machinery. With a commitment to provide seamless repair service, we guarantee your capping machine’s swift functioning.


From servicing Packserv Cap Tightening Machines for Twist-on Screw Caps, Push-on, Snap-fit, Droppers, and Mist tops to Trigger Packs, we are your precise repair solution provider. By coming in handy with the required tools and spare parts, we will minimise downtime and deliver quick solutions.

Asset Packing Machines

We are your efficient repairers at Adeptus Engineering for Pumptite Cap Tightening and AC-A Automatic Cap Tightening Machines. Choose us and take your capping machine’s performance to the next level.


Trusted by firms relying on Kinex capping machines, bottle cappers, and cap tighteners, our specialists deliver correct repair solutions swiftly. Reach out to us for seamless repair services to keep your production process smooth and efficient.

Install Your Capping Machinery the Right Way With our Experts

If not installed properly, your capping machinery will not function well and exhibit several malfunctions. To stay clear of them, it is always advisable to seek expert help with capping machinery installation. Our experts at Adeptus Engineering are familiar with all the modern installation practices and will apply the one most appropriate for your selected capping machinery. We will undertake every step of the installation procedure with the utmost perfection and leave no room for errors. You can trust us to deliver the best installation service that will ensure the proper functioning of your capping machinery for years. Add to your checklist our routine maintenance services, and your machinery will be sure to work efficiently and smoothly run its course.
Once you connect with us, you will have 24/7 access to a team that is:
All our professionals undergo routine training to ensure they are in sync with the changing trends in the industry. They will be familiar with all modern capping machinery and deliver dependable services.
To avail of our capping machinery repairs in Melbourne or to schedule a regular maintenance service, connect with us at Adeptus Engineering. If you have any doubts regarding your capping machine, get your queries answered by our experts at 0412 958 845 or