Our Services


New Equipment Install

Adeptus Engineering can supply and install all your packaging equipment. We can install single pieces of equipment as well as complete turn-key packaging lines.
We are affiliated with multiple equipment suppliers from around the world. Once the equipment is installed we can fully commission and provide training for your operators. If you already have new equipment on order and would like to utilize us for installation we are happy to help.

Used Equipment Install

We can help you find second-hand equipment and incorporate it into your existing line. We can also set up stand-alone machines as well as conduct any servicing or modification they may need.

Production Line Reconfiguring

Do you want to add a new piece of equipment into your existing line? Do you require additional conveyors? Any modifications or reconfiguring of your packaging lines can easily be handled by us.


Preventative Maintenance

Just like your car, industrial machinery runs better for longer with regular servicing. Let us come and give your equipment the care it deserves. We can conduct focused servicing of critical components or full machine overhauls.

Maintenance Scheduling

Minimize downtime with scheduled maintenance. We can create a full service plan for any and all of your equipment then you never have to worry if any of your machines are overdue. We can create a critical spares list so that you always have important parts on hand. Don't wait weeks for a part if your equipment breaks down.


In the unfortunate event that your equipment breaks down, call us for emergency servicing. We can get your machines up and running and minimize downtime and cost.


Safety Guarding

Ensure that your operators are safe and your equipment meets Australian standards. We can custom build safety guarding to prevent workplace injuries. Our builds can include access points with electronic safety switches to stop machinery before operator access.

Machine Modifications

f you are introducing a new bottle size and need your equipment to accommodate, we can make it happen. Any machines that need changes or modification to their structure, mechanics or electronics can be done by us.

Types of Machines We Service:

Bottle/Can/Keg Fillers
Volume/Weight Fillers
Bag/Box Makers
Powder Fillers
Case Packers
Shrink Wrapping
Induction Sealers