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If you operate in the food industry, packaging must come at the core of your operation. Only when packed right can your food products be safely transported from one place to another. So, if your packaging machinery breaks down, it might hinder the entire production process bringing your business to a standstill.
Avoid such unfavourable conditions with our packaging machinery maintenance service. At Adeptus Engineering, we provide ongoing maintenance services to ensure your machinery works in tip-top condition, year in and out. But in case you missed the maintenance window and need a packaging machinery repair in Melbourne, our experts are at your disposal. They will diagnose the problem and get your machine up and running in no time.

Packaging Machinery Installation

Are you setting up an industrial unit and need help installing packaging machinery? You might be tempted to attempt DIY or have your workers install the machinery but proper installation demands expertise and knowledge. That’s where our experts come to your service.
We will do the following:

Packaging Machinery Maintenance

Once installed, packaging machinery requires regular maintenance to continue to function at its optimum potential. With extensive functioning hours, they are susceptible to normal wear and tear, and with it, their capacity might fall exponentially. You can prevent such occurrences and extend the life of your packaging machinery with our regular maintenance services.

Packaging Machinery Repairs

A machine that works long hours is meant to encounter a breakdown from time to time. Such breakdowns can be prevented to a large extent with regular maintenance, but occasionally they might find their way into your industrial space. For such situations, our food machinery repair experts are at your service. We will be quick to detect the issue and offer an effective solution. If your machinery is damaged to the core and is beyond repair, we will be honest and recommend a complete replacement. We will never let you waste your money on an ineffective packaging machinery repair.

Why Choose Us?


We take pride in our work and love an opportunity to solve your problems. We specialise in fault finding and can help rectify unseen issues.


We have more than 5 years experience servicing a wide range of machinery in the food and beverage packaging industry, Adeptus Engineering is equipped to get you and your line up and running.


As an Australian owned and operated business, we can guarantee the highest quality of work to meet Australian Standards. We can ensure your equipment meets all food safety requirements as well as operator safety.


We can improve product quality, increase throughput and prevent downtime.

Your Trusted Emergency Packaging Machinery Repair Experts in Melbourne

A machine breakdown can occur at any time and halt the entire functioning of your workspace. It can stop your production and mess up your supply schedules. And your customers or retailers might not entertain such delays, which will hamper your reputation in the market. So, don’t risk your business; call our emergency experts if your machinery malfunctions. In several circumstances, the machinery might continue to function but inefficiently. If all parts of your food packaging machinery don’t synchronise perfectly, your products won’t be packaged well, directly impacting your regulation sales. An unsealed food product, a food product with a missing ingredient or a product packed in inadequate quantities all compromise your clients’ trust in your products. Be prepared against it all with our food packaging machine maintenance and repair service. So, whenever you encounter any issues, call us, and we will be at your service with our packaging machinery repairs in Melbourne.

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Securing Fully-Functional Packaging Machinery Installation For Our Clients

At Adeptus Engineering, we work with the best professionals in the industry and deliver durable, efficient and cost-effective packaging machinery installation, repair and maintenance services.
Our team is:
They are fully qualified to deliver top-notch packaging machinery repairs in Melbourne. We operate with modern tools and equipment and employ the best methods to deliver the best industrial food machinery repair services.
Our packaging machinery services in Melbourne are comprehensive and will cover all your minor and major requirements. So, whatever your food processing equipment repair, installation, or maintenance needs are, contact us today!